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Child, Youth and Family Studies

Practicum Centre

The Practicum Centre is intended for students who are currently admitted to our programs. These resources will help you in preparing for the implementation of practicum.

All students in ECE and CYC must have a criminal record check (CRC) in place prior to starting practicum. If you don't have a CRC, follow this link for instructions on how to initiate your CRC. How to Submit CRC 
If you do have a CRC in place, speak to Sandrine Trichard, Practicum and Internship Coordinator at about how to share this information. ‌


Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care (BA CYC) practicum information

Practicum Updates for CYC 

CYC 310 Supervised Practicum

View the CYC 310 official course outline

CYC 410 Advanced Practice in Child and Youth Care

View the CYC 410 official course outline 


Partial CYC Practicum PLAR

In the partial PLAR, you could qualify for up to 20% (65 hours for CYC 310, or 80 hours for 410) of the required hours in practicum if you have or volunteer or work experience with children, youth, and families. The partial PLAR could be applied to one of either CYC 310 or CYC 410. Click Application for Partial Practicum PLAR for more information.


CYC Workplace Practicum Guidelines

After successfully completing a third (3rd) year CYC practicum, students who are working in a CYC position may be eligible for a workplace practicum in their fourth (4th) year. Click Guidelines for Workplace Practicum for more information.


Child Protection Application Process and Criteria

The Child Protection Application Process and Criteria can be found at Child Protection Practicum Application and Criteria


Challenging 4th Year practicum

The process for practicum challenge of 4th year is to put together a cover letter and resume for consideration.

The criteria for challenge include:

  • An A or better in CYC310
  • A minimum of 5 years continuous full-time experience in a CYC
  • More than one area of CYC practice reflected in your work experience
  • Some demonstrated leadership or supervision of others in your CYC work

The cover letter should speak to how you meet the criteria.  Then you send the information to the department for consideration. This needs to be done by mid-June for a Fall challenge.

The CYFS practicum committee will evaluate if the criteria have been met and if a practicum challenge section can be set up to proceed.

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