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Child, Youth and Family Studies

Mission, values and principles

Together, the Child, Youth and Family Studies community respects and acknowledges STO:LO TEMEXW, the territory of the Halq’em’eylem speaking Sto’:lo peoples, who have cared for these lands since time immemorial.  As we enact reconciliation and journey towards wellness in this interconnected web of life, we are grateful for the generosity, stewardship, and guidance of Indigenous peoples.


Learn about Child, Youth & Family Studies at UFV


CYFS is inspired to welcome learners to journey together toward well-being as we honour diversity, strive for equity and social justice, transform lives, and build community.


We develop leaders grounded in the process of relationship who cultivate socially just communities where children and families flourish.


We embrace the core values of UFV and commit to actualizing them in the following ways in CYFS... 


Modelling and promoting a journey to reconcile and understand how to decolonize curriculum and praxis

Demonstrating the highest standards of practice and professionalism

Engaging in current and relevant pedagogical practices informed by research, scholarship, and service within our professions

Aspiring to a high level of relational ethics that promotes social justice in ECE & CYC


Weaving Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing into the curriculum

Respecting diversity and valuing individuals of all abilities, cultures and beliefs

Creating relational, inclusive, equitable & accessible learning environments

Nurturing each learner’s unique path towards employment


Building a strong community of practice engaged in relationship and dialogue

Providing experiential learning in community

Developing & cultivating collaborative opportunities to enrich the lives of students, the local community, and global society

Building health & wellness through relationship

Collaborating with community as we work towards justice, equity, diversity and inclusion


Creating engaging, growth-oriented learning environments

Providing high standards of pedagogy & praxis in the delivery of curriculum

Demonstrating respect for the whole person

Modelling and engaging in a reciprocal teaching & learning relationship that promotes critical thinking and reflective practice



The CYFS department is a member of:

  • The Federation of Community Social Services of BC
  • Child and Youth Care Association of British Columbia
  • Early childhood educators of BC
  • The Child and Youth Care Education Consortium of British Columbia


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