Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anyone available to answer questions about communications courses?

Samantha Pattridge, our Department Head, is available to answer questions you have about communications courses. She can be reached at 604-504-7441 ext. 4177 or Or contact Gayle Noel, our Departmental Assistant, at 604-557-4093, or .

I don't have a Composition Placement Test score, and I need one to take a seat in Communications 125, 155, and 175. What do I do?

The Composition Placement Test (CPT) is offered several times per semester. CPT registration can be done at any UFV campus Admission and Registration office in person or by calling 604-854-4501. The fee is $35.00. For more information and exam dates refer to the Assessment Services website or call 604-557-4006. Please allow four to six weeks for test results. You must have the required prerequisites or you will be automatically removed from the course.

I don't have a pre-requisite to take CMNS 251 (formerly CMNS 250 / CMNS 255 / CMNS 225). What do I do now?

You will not be able to register for courses for which you do not have the published course prerequisites. Please contact our Department Assistant, Gayle Noel, at 604-557-4093, or for further information on prerequisites.

What textbooks should I buy?

Do not buy anything until you meet your instructor for the first time. The course outline provided at the first class will provide the titles of the texts you will require. If you're curious, and a risk-taker, you can consult the list in the bookstores on all campuses to see what has been ordered.

I am tenth on the wait list and I really need this communications course. Can someone sign me in now?

No. First of all, in order to sign you in, the instructor of record would have to sign in the nine people ahead of you. Your best option is to register for the waitlist if a seat becomes available you will receive an email from the Office of the Registrar giving you a few days to accept the offered seat.

Can I transfer my Communication credits from another university?

Yes, transfer students are always welcome at UFV. Transfer credit can be useful if you have taken courses elsewhere that might be equivalent to prerequisites for courses you wish to take at UFV. For information on obatining transfer credits please refer to to the Office of the Registrar web page Your program advisor or program head can also give you some direction. Please be aware that determining transfer credit can sometimes be a lengthy process. For information about the lower-level transfer credit ufv recognizes from other B.C. institutions, consult the B.C. transfer guide at

How do I figure out who the instructor of record is?

The most up-to-date version of the timetable will help and may be found on the Office of the Registrar website at

How do I get permission to register?

The instructor of record is the only one who can sign you into his or her course, unless you are a program student and meet the pre-requisites. If you have special circumstances, you should make your case to the instructor of record.

I want to talk over my course selections with someone in the Communications Department. Who's available?

The UFV calendar provides descriptions of our courses. If you have specific questions please call Samantha Pattridge at 604-504-7441 ext. 4177 or or contact the Departmental Assistant Gayle Noel at 604-557-4093 or .

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