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Co-Curricular Record

Co-Curricular Record

Get a head start on your career

Showcase your skills and enhance your résumé with a Co-Curricular Record

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an institutionally recognized document, in addition to your academic transcript, that provides official recognition for your out-of-classroom contributions and learning. Access your Co-Curricular Record through myCampusLife. Log in using your myUFV ID number and password. 

Your CCR documents and highlights your participation in hundreds of outcomes-based learning opportunities including: 

  • Student engagement
  • Leadership involvement programs
  • Work Study Grant Program
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • and more.

Having a CCR enhances your résumé by showcasing your skills to potential employers that are looking for experienced applicants; your CCR can set you apart from the competition when you show them your record of university-recognized and validated experiences.

Your CCR documents experiences that can also help you improve your chances of getting into grad school or applying for scholarship/bursary funding. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Experiences do not automatically appear on your CCR; they must be added. Following the completion of a CCR eligible Experience, log in to myCampusLife and click "Add an Experience to CCR" on the main homepage.

Experiences can only be back-dated for one year so don't wait until you're in your fourth year!

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You can browse CCR-eligible experiences under the Document section of the Co-Curricular Record page in myCampusLife.

Official CCR Experiences must be:

  • completed over one validation term (Sept–Dec; Jan–April; May–Aug)
  • a minimum of 20 hours
  • validated by a UFV faculty or staff member or a pre-determined representative of an outside organization who has a Memorandum of Agreement with UFV
  • connected to UFV Institutional Learning Outcomes


You can also track your engagement with an unofficial Involvement Record in myCampusLife. 

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myCampusLife is a student engagement platform that connects you to other students/faculty/staff, events, and opportunities on campus. Your Co-Curricular Record is managed within myCampusLife. It makes it easy for you to browse for CCR opportunities, manage your record, organize student activities, and access resources.

With myCampusLife, you can:

  • Access your Co-Curricular Record and add Experiences
  • Find out about fun social events and activities on campus
  • Take advantage of workshops and volunteer opportunities
  • Join a student club or association – or start a new one
  • And more!

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Check out what UFV students say about Co-Curricular Record

I love that UFV offers a Co-Curricular Record. I’m building my record so that I have a competitive edge when I apply for grad schools/employment after I graduate. I’ll have an official document that makes my application stand out from the rest. Getting recognized encourages me to get involved outside of class time. Meeting so many wonderful people and developing my skills while earning recognition is an added bonus.

  • – Raveena W.
  •    UFV Political Science student

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