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Directed studies

CMNS 490: Directed Studies in Communication

This course provides you with the opportunity to pursue in-depth independent study of a communications issue, theme, or problem. In consultation with a faculty member, you  develop a detailed project proposal indicating the rationale, readings, scope, objectives, and methods, before you start the course. The completed project must display the your abilities as an effective writer, knowledge of audience, and thorough familiarity with the selected topic area.


60 university-level credits completed, of which at least 12 must be from CMNS, and permission of your instructor. If faculty availability is limited, preference will be given to students pursuing a degree option in Communications.

Department approval of a Directed Studies course is required before you can register.

Course Approval Process

You can contact B Faculty directly or the department head with your request for a directed studies section. If you contact the Department Head, your proposal will be presented to the department and will be assigned to the instructor that best fits the topic and is available to teach the section.

You will work with your instructor to develop a directed studies outline that will include a description of the topic, deliverables, assignments, and expectations of both you and instructor. View sample outline.

Submission Deadline

Once you and your faculty supervisor have completed the directed studies outline, you must submit it to the department for approval 30 days prior to the beginning of the semester. You should allow ample time to complete the proposal before the 30-day deadline.

Course Requirements

Both you and your instructor must sign the approved directed studies outline.

You will present your final project to a three-person (minimum) panel of Communication faculty and/or discipline-specific faculty as the final requirement of the course.

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