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Practicum course

CMNS 412: Communications Practicum

The Communications Practicum provides you with supervised practical applied experience in community and public relations or professional writing and speaking. YOu will have an opportunity to practice skills gained in prerequisite courses and will receive feedback about your competencies. You will meet for feedback seminars with your instructor and will be expected to contribute weekly to an online discussion forum.

Before starting your practicum placement, you must sign a practicum agreement. UFV reserves the right not to place you into a practicum if, in the opinion of the faculty, you are not ready to be placed or if the available placements’ requirements do not match your skill set.


  • This course is graded on a Credit/No Credit basis.
  • Students with credit for CMNS 413 cannot take this course for further credit.


60 university-level credits completed, at least 12 must be from CMNS, of which 9 credits must be 300-level and above, and instructor permission. You must complete an interview with the faculty liaison, including presenting a portfolio of your CMNS work as part of the interview process.

Course approval process and deadlines

Applications are due before registering for the class. Please contact Samantha Pattridge for application and course information.

You must contact the faculty liaison or the department head prior to registering for CMNS 412 (i.e. apply in June for a practicum in September, and October for a practicum in January). Faculty will make practicum placements. They will assign these placements after an interview with you and a review of you portfolio. Placements are subject to availability and approval of the field practice supervisor.

Course requirements

Practicum experiences are graded on a Credit /No Credit basis. You are expected to work 80 to 100 hours for the practicum placement agency, either on-site or self-directed, in addition to completing specific assignments for the faculty liaison. Faculty, in consultation with the individual practicum supervisor, assigns the grade when the required number of hours and all assignments have been completed.

The grade of Credit/No Credit for CMNS 412 will be based on satisfactory completion of all of the following: 

  • Work Plan
  • Attendance/participation, online postings
  • Field placement log book
  • Progress report
  • Final portfolio and project presentation
  • Field placement evaluation, to be completed by the field placement supervisor
    This evaluation will consider:
    • Level of professionalism
    • Areas of improvement
    • Writing skills
    • Communication skills
    • Teamwork skills
    • Ability to meet deadlines
    • Willingness to take instruction or incorporate feedback
    • Ability to work independently

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