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Introduction to Mushrooms

Cost: $245

Identify wild mushrooms of the south coast of B.C. with experienced mycologist Dr. Sharming Gamiet. Work through the dichotomous keys that are used in mushroom identification and review references used to identify mushrooms. Develop a solid understanding of the differences between choice, delectable, and poisonous mushrooms. A list of references used to identify mushrooms is provided. Purchase David Aurora’s Mushrooms Demystified from the UFV Bookstore in Chilliwack. This introductory course is an excellent foundation for those pursuing careers in ecotourism, culinary arts, wild crafting, and ecology. A field trip is included to get firsthand experience. Date and time will be determined in class, based on weather conditions.

Chilliwack campus — Canada Education Park

Oct 1-15 | 80245, 3 sessions + field trip, Tue, 7–9 pm

Phone 1-888-823-8734 to register
Soap Making

Cost: $115

Learn the basics of old fashioned soap making and make your own basic cold process castile soap. Participants will learn the basic steps, from safety, weighing, bringing to trace, adding scents and exfoliants and using molds. All materials and supplies are provided. You are welcome to bring your own scented oils. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes, including long sleeves. Please bring hand towel to insulate your soap for 24 hours after class. Take home 2 pounds of soap, recipe, techniques and confidence to make your next batch at home.

Chilliwack —Trades and Technology Centre

Oct 19 | 80096, 1 session, Sat, 1-6 pm

Phone 1-888-823-8734 to register

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