School of Creative Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts

BFA with a major or extended minor in Visual Arts

Develop the practical skills, critical understanding, and industry-related knowledge necessary to succeed as a professional artist.

BFA with a minor or extended minor in Art History

Art history is the study of art, human expression, and how — and more importantly, why — they've changed over time.

BFA with a minor or extended minor in Theatre 

Establish a strong foundation in the performing arts by adding a minor or extended minor in Theatre to your Bachelor of Fine Arts. 

BFA with a major or extended minor in Graphic and Digital Design

Get a progressive design degree and harness the power of design. Begin with a creative practice foundation in communication design, brand identity, interactive design and dynamic media then in years three and four, customize your learning with an innovative program path. Build your professional portfolio with advanced design and creative leadership courses, work experience (co-op or practicums) and flexible electives. Real-world projects foster collaboration, critical thinking and t-shape abilities. Pursue your passion, discover your strengths and be part of a new generation of changemakers.



Other Bachelor of Fine Arts disciplines:

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