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Criminology & Criminal Justice

Student profiles

Student Profiles

Students who study Criminology and Criminal Justice at UFV come from diverse backgrounds. But they all have one thing in common: they have a common focus on applying what they learn, both in their workplace and community.

Drew Bogardi

To be able to participate in a practicum is an invaluable experience all to itself. The key transferable skills I learned such as building a professional rapport and navigating an unfamiliar environment have equipped me to fulfill future roles and/or occupations. Certain things are simply best learned outside of the classroom, and the opportunity to partake in a practicum has allowed myself to experience this firsthand.

Perhaps the most rewarding and yet unexpected aspect of my placement was the relationships I was able to form. Not only did I get a feel for what working in my chosen field will entail, I was able to develop both a friendship and network of like-minded colleagues who have aided me, both in the present and the future. I can without a doubt hold firm that without the possibility of participating in not one but two practicums, I would not have grown and matured to be the individual I am today.

Evan Huesken

The criminology program at UFV allows students the unique opportunity to gain valuable experience working in the field of criminal justice through the field  practicums. As a result of the field practicums, I was able to experience the role of  both an Institutional Parole Officer at Pacific Institution and most recently a Community Parole Officer at the Chilliwack Parole Office. My practicums gave me  the sense of what it was like to work in these professions and allowed me to gain valuable connections I would never have been able to obtain otherwise. One of the  most meaningful aspects of my recent practicum experience at the Chilliwack Parole Office was having the opportunity to speak with many different individuals working  in the field of criminal justice about their careers and to learn from their advice. This experience also helped to give me better insight into what I may wish to pursue in the future. Overall, my practicum experiences were invaluable learning opportunities which provided me with new skills, experience, and insight that will benefit me in my future career. These practicums are an extraordinary experience for students and are one of the highlights of the criminology program at UFV. 

Evelyn Kalman

Currently, I am a Senior Policy Analyst at the Office of Crime Reduction and Gang Outreach at the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, Government of British Columbia. My role includes extensive research and analysis in order to inform policy through evidence-based recommendations and best practices aimed at resulting in positive outcomes for British Columbians, specifically in the area of policing and public safety. I love this position because the work is meaningful and impactful.  I have opportunities to pursue my passion for criminology and criminal justice and serve the people of British Columbia on a daily basis.

I completed a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice degree at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) in 2017 and a Master of Public Administration degree at the University of Victoria in 2019 in order to help me achieve my career goals. My program at UFV was extremely helpful in my career journey due to its effective ability to teach critical writing and analysis skills and a wide range of research methods. Throughout my master’s degree and as a professional, I relied and continue to rely on the skills I learned at UFV in order to successfully perform my duties and accountabilities in the workplace. I find myseful continously applying the theories and root causes of crime to understand my current portfolio and analyzing data using the skills I learned throughout my bachelor’s degree.

Experiences that specifically stood out to me during my educational journey at UFV include the wide network of relationships UFV’s Criminology program has enabled me to build throughout my practicum experiences with professionals who believed in me and helped me accomplish my goals today. I also appreciated how dedicated the professors were to their students and the mentorship they offered throughout my journey to help me make choices that would eventually enable me  to achieve my dream job. I continue to keep in touch with some of my former professors and value their input and guidance as I continue to develop my professional career.

Advice I would give future students in this program is to choose practicums that suit their interests and invest into relationships with professors because it will undoubtedly benefit them in the future. I would also advise them to continue their hard work and dedication and enjoy their university years as much as possible, because they are some of the most wonderful years of life, even if the journey seems unbearable at times. Their sacrificies will pay off, and they have a community of professors, students, and resources to help support them until the end of their educational journey and beyond. 

Raelyn O'Hara

Completing a research-based practicum has allowed me to gain a better understanding of criminological  studies and their importance. I had the opportunity to work on numerous projects, including one on  organized crime and another on short-term sentences, to help me gain experience and knowledge in the  field of criminology. In addition to this, my practicum provided me with ample opportunity to network, as most projects involved working with a team of professionals. I even had the chance to contribute to a  project and co-write a blog post for the ICCLR.

I highly recommend a research-oriented practicum placement, as it has given me a newfound set of skills and excellent experience that can be used to pursue a career in criminology.

Tripat Sandhu

‌My practicum at the Dhanu Dhaliwal Law Group has provided me first-hand experience of the criminal justice system and the day-to-day duties of a criminal defence lawyer. I am conducting research to advance the law firm by developing a social media analysis and policy as well as a refined community resource list. I am shadowing lawyers from various fields, including criminal, family, and immigration law. This is the perfect exposure for an undergraduate student going into law school to assess what fields of law they are passionate about and may consider to pursue.

Ruben Timmerman

Ruben Timmerman is a BA student from the UFV who completed a practicum with Abbotsford Community Services (ACS) in 2014. During his time at ACS, Ruben wrote a report about homelessness, titled Exploring Housing Solutions in Abbotsford: Survey of Individuals with Housing Needs.

"This practicum has been an incredibly powerful learning experience for me,” Ruben says. “It has provided me with a unique and valuable research experience at the undergrad level. I was able to engage in an important issue that affects the community where I live and study.”

As part of his research project, Ruben interviewed three different groups of individuals affected by housing insecurity, namely those who are homeless, in unstable housing, or in supportive housing. “I have been especially moved by those members of the community who participated in the study, for being so open and thoughtful in sharing their various experiences and challenges,” Ruben notes.

In his conclusion, he identified affordable and supportive housing as a key part of finding sustainable solutions to the homelessness crisis in the local community. He had the opportunity to present his findings to members of the community in collaboration with Megan Capp, ACS’ Project Supervisor, Family Outreach & Support Worker.

“The support that I have received at various stages of this practicum has allowed the project to be a success,” Ruben acknowledges. “I am immensely grateful to the instructors and community partners with whom I connected. They were supportive of my ideas and mentored me along the way."

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