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University life is more than taking courses. At UFV, there are many other opportunities to socialize, learn new skills, and make friends from all over the world. myCampusLife makes your transition to university easier and fun.

myCampusLife is your portal to up-to-date UFV news, events and activities, and clubs and associations. You can also track your extracurricular activities and find student job opportunities.

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Why use myCampusLife?

By logging into myCampusLife, you can read the latest UFV news, explore potential employment, join groups and meet new people of similar or different interests. Features of myCampusLife allow you to:

  • Build your Co-Curricular Record by participating in out-of-classroom events and experiences.
    • This official record can help you as you apply for jobs or graduate school and is a great addition to scholarship applications.
    • You can also request that an official CCR be mailed to you.
  • View dates and times of upcoming workshops and activities you can join.
  • Search and find existing clubs and organizations. Also, register your own club and association.
  • Read about the latest UFV highlights and news.
  • Easily access online request and support forms.
Vlad Gavrilov photo on mountain with backpack

Hi, I am Vlad. Whether on my job or at school, myCampusLife is one of the few websites I use daily. It has been a total game changer for me, unlocking new pathways that I never would have thought be possible. That included finding an entrepreneurship organization at UFV and getting an incredible job on campus. Through my role as a C&A assistant, I hope to encourage students to make connections, increase organizational success, and want UFV to have a strong sense of campus community.

  • – Vladislav Gavrilov
  •    Business student (fourth year)

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