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Current Students

Fund your education

For many people, the decision to get a post-secondary education requires a considerable financial investment. It is essential that students and their families plan for financing their education on both a short-term and long-term basis.

Use the information below to help you plan your finances by making a budget, find out about scholarships, bursaries, and awards, apply for student loans, and look into ways you can earn money while you study.

Estimated first-year costs (September–April)

A typical undergraduate student taking a full course load at UFV (five classes per semester) can expect to pay about $5,070.30 in tuition over two semesters. Check out the table below for an estimate of first-year costs.

International students, please check tuition and fees on the UFV International site.

Domestic tuition and fees
 At homeUFV student housing

Tuition fees ($517.17 x 10 classes)*

$5,171.70 $5,171.70
Semester fees $310 $310
Accommodation  - $6,040**
SUS health & dental plan $195.59 $159.59
TOTAL $5,575.89 $11,579.89

* Two semesters of five courses each
** Housing fees do not include optional meal plans

Fees are subject to change without notice. Learn more about fees and other costs.


Make a budget

You’ll need to do some careful planning to balance your income and spending while you study. In addition to tuition fees, books, and course materials, remember to budget for living expenses like rent, groceries, transportation, utilities, and other necessities.

Learn more about budgeting by visiting UFV's financial planning resources, or the Government of Canada Education Planning and Student Aid website.

Apply for funding

Take a look at the different funding options below to decide which one is right for you. Many applications have an application window before you're able to register for courses, and some funding applications such as scholarships, sponsorships, RRSP or CPP withdrawals, require you to submit additional paperwork to verify your enrollment after you have registered for your courses. 

Scholarships, bursaries, and awards

Post-secondary education is a big financial investment. At UFV, you have access to a huge array of funding options: scholarships for academic achievement, leadership awards for community and volunteer accomplishments, bursaries for financial need, and many others.

Visit Financial Aid and Awards for a full list, and apply wherever you qualify. Additional resources for Indigenous students include bursaries available through Indigenous Services Canada.

Student Sponsorship

Sponsored students are students who have their tuition and fees funded by a third party, such as First Nations, employers, Government Agencies, or other educational institutions & charitable organizations. (Family members (ie. Parents, grandparents etc.) are not considered to be sponsors.)

The sponsorship billing authorization form is for tuition fees & bookstore purchases only, during academic terms. Please visit the Continuing Education web page for other sponsorship information.

Apply for student loans

Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada can apply for student loans to help pay for their education. These loans are interest-free while you’re a full-time student. Apply for your student loan six to eight weeks before the semester begins.

Visit Surfing for Dollars for a list of available loans, and links to apply.

Earn money while studying

International students must meet the eligibility requirements and conditions for working in Canada during their studies. Detailed information for working both on- and off-campus can be found on the Government of Canada webpage.

Additional resources for permits, visas, and working can be found on the UFV International Students Permits and Visas page.

Work on campus

The UFV Centre for Experiential & Career Education (CECE) lists hundreds of on-campus job opportunities. Most are flexible enough to accommodate your class schedule. Plus, they give you a chance to work with UFV faculty and staff while you gain work experience and build up references. 

Join the Co-op program

Get experience and develop contacts in your field, all while earning money to pay for school. UFV’s Co-operative Education program allows you to alternate academic semesters with paid work terms in career-related fields. When you graduate, you’ll have not only a degree but real work experience on your resumé.

Additional resources for Indigenous students

At UFV, students of Indigenous ancestry can choose to self-identify so that they may benefit from supportive programs and services. Visit the Indigenous Student Centre to learn how you can self-identify as an Indigenous student

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