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This section gives you essential information about your program of study, and provides helpful advice from UFV's Academic & Program Advisors so you can decide what courses you should take in your first semester at UFV, and make informed decisions about your course load. We recommend that you start this step as early as possible, so you're ready when it's time to register for courses.

How to use this page

  1. Check your myUFV account to confirm the name of your program and your admission status.

  2. Use the program search filter on this page to find your program or area of study and view your academic or program advising presentation.

  3. Once you've reviewed your program information, take the next step to learn how to finance your education, and how UFV can help.


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Can’t find your program on this page?

Information about all UFV programs are listed in the Academic Calendar — your go-to source of information for course outlines and descriptions, as well as academic regulations, academic standards, and general policies for undergraduate and graduate programs.

Questions? Reach out to an Academic Advisor via email at


Program list Credential
Associate of Arts Associate degree
Agricultural Science, Horticulture major Bachelor's degree
Agriculture Technology Diploma
Arts Bachelor's degree
Business Administration Bachelor's degree
Business Administration diploma
Child and Youth Care (Arts) Bachelor's degree
Computer Information Systems Bachelor's degree, diploma
Criminal Justice (Arts) Diploma
Criminal Justice (Arts) Bachelor's degree
Data Analysis Post-degree certificate
Education Bachelor's degree
Engineering Physics in Mechatronics Diploma
Engineering Transfer program Other
Environmental Studies (Natural Sciences) Bachelor's degree
Environmental Studies (Arts) Bachelor's degree
Fine Arts Bachelor's degree
Global Development Studies (Arts) Bachelor's degree
Integrated Studies Bachelor's degree
Kinesiology Bachelor's degree
Media Arts Bachelor's degree
Associate of Science Associate degree
Science Bachelor's degree
Social Work Bachelor's degree
Certified Dental Assistant Certificate
Early Childhood Education Certificate
Early Childhood Education Diploma
Genera‌l Studies Diploma
Graphic and Digital Diploma
Health Care Assistant Certificate
Integrated Learning Design Certificate
Liberal Arts Diploma
Library and Information Technology diploma Diploma
Library Technician Post-diploma certificate
Qualifying Studies Other
School and Community Support Worker Certificate
Social Service Worker Diploma
Theatre Diploma
Visual Arts Diploma


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