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UFV Lead

UFV Lead is a peer-based program that supports students in developing life-long mentorship and leadership skills throughout their educational journey at UFV.

In this program, students build meaningful relationships on- and off-campus by taking part in experiential learning opportunities and personal & professional development workshops in collaboration with their peers. This program is designed for students looking to develop the skills and knowledge they need to prepare them for academic success, employment, and responsible citizenship – locally and globally. Students accepted into this program can expect to participate in UFV Lead activities scheduled throughout the year, and to support their peers in this shared leadership and mentorship experience.


If you are starting your studies at UFV in September 2019:

Applications are now closed for the Lead 2019-2020 program. Please contact should you have any questions.


If you are a current UFV student who likes to help others:

As a UFV Lead Mentor, you'll develop your own leadership potential while helping new-to-UFV students integrate into the campus community and discover their own leadership identity.  

To learn more about UFV Lead, check out our Facebook page or email us at


Program Structure:

UFV Lead strives to create community and foster meaningful connections amongst incoming and returning students to UFV, while also promoting leadership development and wellness.


Level 1

Starting university, or starting at a new university, can be both exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. UFV Lead Level 1 exists so that we can have a flexible and supportive program that helps students thrive and develop their leadership style from the beginning of their university career. Engaging with mentorship and leadership development programs helps facilitate personal growth and academic achievement.


What exactly does it mean to be in Lead: Level 1?

  • As a participant in Level 1, you will be paired with a mentor who will be there to answer your questions, help you get involved, support you on your new leadership journey, and be a friendly face on campus.

  • Attend events, workshops, and conferences as a UFV Lead student. This could be as simple as a movie night in the Student Lounge or being a part of the delegation to the Canadian Conference on Student Leadership (CCSL). 

  • Your leadership development and personal growth will be a priority. You will meet with your mentor to discuss how you can achieve your goals and programming will be directed at helping you become the best version of yourself.


Level 2 Mentor

Level 2 consists of student leaders who have demonstrated exemplary leadership capacity and who have joined UFV Lead to make a positive impact on the new-to-UFV students. This level not only exists to provide mentorship for new students but to encourage connection amongst student leaders and to promote personal and professional growth amongst these student leaders.


What exactly does it mean to be in Lead: Level 2?

  • A major part of your role is being a mentor to new-to-UFV students. This will involve emailing and meeting with them regularly, providing them with leadership opportunities, and being an empathetic and supportive person in their lives.

  • You get mentored too! Your mentor will help you achieve your personal, professional, and leadership goals.

  • All Level 2 mentors and Level 3 senior mentors will work together to plan events throughout the year.

  • You will be a part of an extensive network of student leaders and staff. It is a great way to meet people and make meaningful connections with like-minded folks.

  • You will get to attend a leadership retreat in September and participate in many other leadership development activities such as workshops and involvement opportunities.


Level 3 Senior Mentor

This level is for the superstar leaders who have been involved for a few years and want to continue to work on their leadership development and make a positive impact on our community.


What exactly does it mean to be in Lead: Level 3?

  • You will be a mentor to a few students in Level 2. You will support each of your team members with their personal development and with their needs as mentors to new students.

  • You get a mentor too! Receive mentorship and support from a member of the alumni community, UFV staff or faculty, or someone in the community who is compatible with your career or lifestyle goals.

  • Bring an initiative or project to life that will inspire positive change on our campus and/or community.

  • Help facilitate UFV Lead programming, this includes helping run sessions at Lead day and the Retreat, organize events throughout the year, and support Student Life staff with other projects.

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