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Please note that most UFV events and services are currently being offered remotely. 
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Enhance your university experience by getting involved in the UFV community! Whether you want to make new friends, develop your leadership skills, or find fun ways to get active between classes, you'll find it at UFV!

Take a look at our list of suggestions for how you can get involved while you study at UFV, and learn where to look to find out about upcoming opportunities all year!


UFV Lead

The UFV Lead is a leadership development and peer-mentorship program for students at any stage in their academic studies at UFV. This program is a great way for you to develop your leadership skills while getting personal support from an upper-level UFV student or community coach. As a student in the UFV Lead program, you’ll get invited to exclusive social and educational events, and access to unique opportunities to practice your leadership skills at UFV!

Are you starting your studies at UFV this Fall? Apply now! 

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Friends Without Borders

Friends Without Borders is a program for all UFV students that promotes global citizenship through cross-cultural exchange and inter-cultural/inter-personal communication. Through fun events and activities, you can learn new cultural perspectives by connecting with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Make friends, increase your cultural knowledge, and improve your communication skills across cultures.

Join Friends Without Borders


Global Engagement

UFV International's Global Lounge HUB is the place to join Virtual Game Night, Language Exchange, or a place to just hang out and engage with your peers.  This virtual space embraces diversity, supports cross-cultural exchange, and promotes the respectful debate of ideas and views to support and enhance the student experience at UFV. The Global Engagement team will always promise a good time!

Visit the Global Engagement Space

Indigenous Peer Mentorship Program

Indigenous peer mentors help first-year, self-identified Indigenous students make a successful transition to university life and academic expectations. Mentees will benefit from the Mentorship program with improved grades and motivation to complete a program of study.

Join the Indigenous Peer Mentorship Program


Campus Recreation & Athletics

Get active between classes at UFV! Through our Campus Recreation programs, you can join an intramural sports league, attend free drop-in sports or fitness classes, or get access to gym facilities and training programs. With UFV Athletics, you can try out to be one of 140 varsity student-athletes participating on teams across five sports, or become a cascades fan cheering on our athletes!

UFV Campus Recreation programs provides great opportunities to get fit and have fun on and off-campus. Be sure to follow them at @ufvrec to work on your virtual wellness and fitness, and be entered to win prizes by participating! Campus Rec also gives students a chance to bring their leadership and creative ideas as volunteers or, through part-time employment.

Find out more about Campus Recreation        Find out more about UFV Athletics


Clubs & Associations (C&As)

UFV students are passionate about their interests! From Biology to Bhangara, you’ll make new friends fast by joining a UFV student Club or Association (C&A). Find a list of clubs, events, join information and more at

Do you have an interest or passion that you want to share? Don’t see it listed on our page? Create your own! For more information, start to register your organization on myCampusLife!

Discover UFV’s C&As today!


Student Life

Student Life is a hub for students looking to expand their UFV experience beyond the classroom. The Student Life department offers a student lounge space, pop-up wellness events, and volunteer opportunities for a variety of student-facilitated programs on campus such as the Peer Resource and Leadership Center, the UFV Lead Program, the Sexualized Violence Prevention Program, the New Student Orientation Ambassadors program, and support for UFV Clubs & Associations.

For up-to-date info about Student Life events and opportunities, follow us on social media!

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How to Find UFV Events and Opportunities

There are lots of ways to find out about events happening at UFV. Check them out!



MyCampusLife is a great way to connect with other students, and find out about events and opportunities at UFV. With myCampusLife, you can:

  • Search for workshops, events, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Join a student club or association – or start a new one.
  • Build your Co-Curricular Record by participating in out-of-classroom events and experiences.

As a UFV student, you can easily access the system by visiting myCampusLife and logging in with your myUFV information.

Discover the Possibilities at myCampusLife!



UFV Events Calendar

Lots of UFV events for staff and for students are listed on the events calendar. Find out what’s happening at UFV here!

Check out the UFV Events Calendar



Social media

Many UFV departments and clubs have their own social media to keep you up-to-date an all of their current and upcoming activities. A simple “UFV” search will show you what’s out there so you can “like” and follow their page!

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