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UCFV's Architectural Drafting Technician program was great. The program consisted of various types of things whether it was at your computer, in the field surveying or using your hands to create something. The instructors made the program exciting and easy to understand.
Nick Morgan, UCFV Graduate, 2006

It has been a great Year!  The program covers much more than the workplace expects - which has been a bonus to me (thanks for making me look good). I've enjoyed the knowledge exploration of this trade.
Scott Varga, UCFV Graduate, 2006

The time here spent has been an experience like no other. This program teaches the students great organizational skills that will help us in our lives after the textbooks. We just do not get the information by textbooks but also by actually doing the work we will have to do later on.
Krystle Frederickson, UCFV Graduate, 2006 

UCFV's friendly outstanding instructors have really helped me understand not only my course but the job itself.
UCFV Graduate, 2006 

During my time in the Architectural Drafting program I found the instructors exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable, and professional. The nature of the course work is relative and practical, and has helped me establish a successful and rewarding career as a drafting technician. 
Ed Visser, CTech, UCFV Graduate, 2000


Chuck Stam. Well known as Chilliwack’s youngest city councillor, the 33-year-old has built a thriving building design firm, Precision Building Design, since graduating from UCFV’s Drafting Technician program in 1993.

“Plumbers, electricians, auto technicians – they all earn as much as someone with a bachelor or master’s degree. With the amount of complicated technology they have to master, it’s getting more and more challenging to be involved in a trade, so why shouldn’t they be taught at a university?”

“It’s a very satisfying career. When you’re designing a home for people, it’s a happy and exciting time in their life, and you get to be a part of that. It’s great when you meet them in the grocery store and they tell you they wouldn’t change a thing. It’s also great to see our work changing the look of the community – our fingerprints are all over town.”

Chuck Stam UCFV Graduate, 1993

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