Economics Student Association

Who are we?

ECONSA is a student association designed by students for students. We consist of students interested in the study of economics

Our current goals consist of:

  • Enhancing student learning
  • Growing the Economics Program
  • Facilitating the Investments Club
  • Encouraging gender and cultural diversity within the field
  • Contribute to economic development programs in third world countries
  • Improve the current wellbeing of the student body
  • Promote student engagement with each other and our community
  • Encouraging student thought and promoting student endeavors

What can we do for you?

  • Foster relationships between economics faculty and students
  • Provide economics students with tools to succeed in their future careers
  • Nurture student ideas and encourage entrepreneurial and research projects
  • Facilitate career fairs and connect students with potential employers
  • Be a resource for economic based material

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