Emergency Procedures

Procedure Guide

UFV's Emergency Procedure Guide explains the steps to take to better prepare for an emergency related to fireearthquake, hazardous material, and bomb threats, as well as shelter in place‌. 

Emergency Assembly Areas 

Emergency Assembly Areas are located in areas with enough space for large crowds to gather that are out of harm's way. To famailiarize yourself with these designated areas, please see the following maps: 

Abbotsford Emergency Assembly Area Map

CEP Emergency Assembly Area Map

Important Numbers 

1. Emergencies or severe life-threating situations:

  • 911 
    (9 - 911 from a UFV phone)

When calling 911 state:

  • The nature and exact location of the emergency;
  • The name of the building and the address;
  • The nearest entrance and room number;
  • Your phone number and name

Do NOT hang up. Follow the Emergency Operator’s instructions. You may need to stay on the phone until emergency personnel arrive.

After calling 911, call the Security Operations Centre at 1-855-239-7654 to inform Campus Security. 

2. First Aid

  • 1-855-282-7770
    (Local 7770 from a UFV phone)

3. Campus Security/SafeWalk

  • 1-855-239-7654
    (Local 7654 from a UFV phone)
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