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Alumni success stories

UFV English graduates go on to a variety of successful careers -- it's not all about becoming an English teacher! Here are a few success stories from alumni who've kept in touch with us.

Awards and Publications

Dessa Bayrock


“Haunted”Funicular Magazine, 2018
“The Cabin in Bellwood”Oxidant | Engine, 2018
“Academia”Bombus Press, 2018
“The Granddaughter’s Tale”, The Hunger, 2018
“Today I Learned It Was You” and “In this one:”IDK Magazine, 2018
“I tell the ghost”Cotton Xenomorph, 2018
“Scott says”, OCCULUM, 2018
“My own ghost through the foliage”Bombus Press, 2018
“shark / tooth / stitch”Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal, 2018
“Spring”“The Magician’s Trick”, and “First nightmare in the second apartment”Menacing Hedge, 2018
“Fury”Sad Girl Review, 2018
“Lazarus”Red Queen Literary Magazine, 2018
“Canis Chalcedonus Somniculosus”Sooth Swarm Journal, 2018
“Didn’t you have anything to fall back on when your band was killed by blackbirds? or, a love poem for Nathan Explosion”Poetry Is Dead, the metal issue, 2018
“But O the Internet is Rife with Hierarchies!” and “Q-Tips™,” Echolocation magazine, 2018
“Jess’s Hair”Spy Kids Review, 2018
“In which your mother takes me by the hand and quietly informs me the world has disappeared”Daphne Magazine, 2017
“Robin Williams II”Moonchild Magazine, 2017
Le Moutin Noir”, and “What it is about to do”The Maynard, 2017
“Salt”Bywords, 2017
“April”“August”, and “September”Raspberry Magazine, 2017
“Cohen’s Diagnosis”Half Mystic Press, 2017
November 3″Apricity Press, 2016
“The place is falling apart around us”The Louden Singletree, 2016
“Everything Breaks Open”, and “Jolie Laide”The Louden Singletree, 2015

The Metatron Prize for Rising Authors. 2019.
The George Johnston Prize, Honourable Mention. 2018.
The PRISM international Grouse Grind Lit Prize, Longlisted. 2017.

Martin Castro


4 Poems (heart), self-published chapbook, 2019
what do we do?”, The Cascade, 2018
at the station an engineer takes his time to punch”, The Zine, 2018
“leaving the feast”, The Erthly Distraction, 2017
what if”, “1955 5am”, and “summer earthquakes”, Raspberry Magazine, 2016
funerary afterparty”, “I find myself drawn mostly to”, and “looking inside a house”, Raspberry Magazine, 2016
where is the beer?”, The Louden Singletree, 2016


Jasmin Kaur

When You Ask Me Where I’m Going. HarperCollins, 2019.


Luke Kokoszka

“Mr. Girard Strikes Again”, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, February 1st, 2018
“Statement from the manager of the band who was supposed to score the long awaited sequel to Tarkovsky’s cult classic, Solaris”, The FANZINE, August 9th, 2017
“The Kettle”, carte blanche, Issue 26, Winter 2016, guest edited by Guillaume Morrisette
“The Book”, Cheap Pop, March 1st, 2016
“Infinite Landscape, or Where Did I Go?”, Potluck Magazine, Dec. 9th, 2014


Shannon McConnell



“A West Coast Wimp in a Prairie Winter” The Anti-Languorous Project. Fall 2018. Poetry.

“The Burden of Gravity” In Medias Res. Fall 2017. Poetry.

“Make it Grain” In Medias Res. Fall 2017. Photography.

“The Other Side of the River” In Medias Res. Fall 2017. Photography.

“It was a weird night” Poetry All Over The Floor Anthology. May 2017. Poetry.

“52.1332°N 106.6700°W” The Society. St. Peter’s College. Volume 14, 2017. Poetry.

“A Poem in Two Parts created from Lines of Tinder Profiles That Make Me Consider Joining a Convent, Maybe.” Rat’s Ass Review. Summer 2017. Poetry.

“Gum Wall” The Fieldstone Review. Summer 2016. Poetry.

“Snap” The Fieldstone Review. Summer 2016. Fiction.

“Take Off” untethered 3.1. August 2016. Poetry.

“The Temple Bar” Louden Singletree Literary and Arts Magazine. Issue No. 6. Spring 2014. Poetry.

“molly malone” Louden Singletree Literary and Arts Magazine. Issue No. 5. Spring 2013. Poetry.

“Fighting Mondays” Louden Singletree Literary and Arts Magazine. Issue No. 5. Spring 2013. Novel Excerpt.

“lament” Louden Singletree Literary and Arts Magazine. Issue No. 4.Spring 2012. Poetry.

“tangled coasts” Louden Singletree Literary and Arts Magazine. Issue No. 3. Spring 2011. Poetry.

“departure” Louden Singletree Literary and Arts Magazine. Issue No. 2.September 2010. Poetry.



John V. Hicks Long Manuscript Award. 2nd Place in Poetry category. 2018.


Alumni video

Check out Taylor Johnson's story as an UFV English major and how it led her into a career in business.

Stephanie Gorner UFV English Alumni

The close-reading skills I acquired through my English studies translated easily to reading legislation and case law. In addition, the strong writing skills I developed with the assistance of my professors in the UFV English department gave me an advantage in law school and that has certainly carried through to my career as a lawyer.

  • – Stephanie Gorner
  •    UFV English grad
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