Sarah Sovereign

Sarah Sovereign, a recent graduate and professional photographer, explains how choosing the optional creative course work assignments in UFV English classes helped her to develop her professional artistic practice.

"As I’ve grown as an artist, a therapist, and a student, I’ve realized just how much I love the process of creative learning: of reworking the bare bones of assignments into pieces of art. This way of learning has always engaged me, helping me to delve into course material passionately and purposefully, and leading me to a deeper understanding of what I’m studying.

Taking English classes helped me better define my art practice because I fell in love with so many of the rich characters and themes that I studied. If an instructor is open to it, I think the sky is the limit with how creatively you can interpret an assignment — in the past I’ve used textile arts, stop motion, filmmaking, bookmaking and painting in a variety of ways."

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Stephanie Gorner UFV English Alumni

The close-reading skills I acquired through my English studies translated easily to reading legislation and case law. In addition, the strong writing skills I developed with the assistance of my professors in the UFV English department gave me an advantage in law school and that has certainly carried through to my career as a lawyer.

  • – Stephanie Gorner
  •    UFV English grad
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