Student Equipment Use

All this equipment is available to you for your coursework. If you need an item or items, come on in to ETS and book it. Authorization from your instructor is required to borrow equipment.

  • Equipment sign-out Procedure
  • List of Equipment
  • Fine System

Equipment sign-out procedure

Want to take the equipment off campus…overnight…over a weekend…no problem. Virtually all of the equipment is available to take away (as long as no one’s beaten you to it, that is!). Just come into ETS, book it and get our ETS form authorized by your instructor to use the equipment (no authorization needed if used within ETS).

Check out our equipment

The following is a list of ETS equipment available to students for coursework....

  1. Digital camcorders
  2. Digital cameras
  3. Lights for video or still work
  4. Digital audio recorders
  5. Data/Video projectors
  6. Microphones
  7. DVD/VCR playback systems
  8. Audio Cassette Recorders
  9. CD players
  10. Slide projectors

Fine System

Because of the demands for our equipment, there is a fine system in place for overdue items.
$2.00 per hour or portion, per item.
$20.00 per day, per item.
…no excuses!!


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