UFV TV Ad Request Form

UFV-TV Ad has one TV on the Abbotsford Campus located in the “B” building in the student services/financial area in B214. In Chilliwack, there is one TV in the Trades building, four TVs in the “A” building on the CEP Campus including the library. There is one TV on the Hope Campus. We accept notices from service departments for student information, such as waitlist information, fee payment, add-drop periods, and similar deadlines. We also accept notices from student groups about events on or related to each campus. UFV-TV Ad is not intended for corporate advertising.

Fill in the form below to have your information broadcast on UFV-TV Ad.
Got a picture, ready-made PowerPoint slides or any other slides you would like to include? Attach them to an email with the subject "UFV-TV Ad" and send it to claude.dorion@ufv.ca The ads are generally updated twice a week. Please allow two days to process

We currently use two sizes for the UFV TV ads:
Standard screen: Width: 10 inches or 960 pixels, Height: 7.5 inches or 720 pixels
Widescreen: Width: 20 inches or 1920 pixels, Height: 11.25 inches or 1080 pixels
Resolution: 100 Pixels/Inch

Should you want to advertise on the SUB (Student Union Building ) TVs, please contact Rodrigo Madrigal at r.madrigal@ufvsus.ca or check UFV Student Union Society's website.

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