Weekend Kickoff

07 March 2014 - 07 March 2014
16:00 PM
U House

**WEEKLY THEME -  Ghibli Anime Night & Costume Party

Of course all UFV students and faculty are welcome!

Come join us in your favourite costume and watch one of the most "Kawaiiiii!" Ghibli movies by the famous Japanese Anime creator Hayao Miyazaki!

We have a prize for the best costume, and the costume doesn't have to be from Anime!

Wouldn't it be the greatest opportunity to show off your too-geeky-to-be-appreciated-by-the-general-public Halloween costume again?

And please vote for the movie you want to watch:)

**ATTENTION** Weekend Kickoff's will occur EVERY OTHER Friday for the Winter 2014 semester. So keep an eye on Facebook!



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