Geography department presents guest lecturer Britta Voss

11 April 2013 - 11 April 2013
14:30 PM
Abbotsford Campus

Geography department presents guest lecturer Britta Voss

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 

"Geochemistry of the Fraser River: A coupled organic–inorganic approach”

Rivers carry a complex mixture of terrestrial material to the coastal ocean, and the size and composition of this flux reveals the role that rivers play in biogeochemical cycles and global climate. We need information about the organic and inorganic components in order to understand how rivers integrate and transform terrestrial signals. The Fraser River offers a unique opportunity to study natural biogeochemical processes in a large river ecosystem. This presentation will highlight the results of an ongoing study of the geochemical features of dissolved and sedimentary material carried by the Fraser River.


Geography Dept

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