Teaching Matters workshops

12 April 2013 - 12 April 2013
13:00 PM
Abbotsford Campus


Teaching as Coaching


Fri, April 12,  1– 2:30 pm

AB B121

Facilitators: Keith Lownie & Fiona McQuarrie


Copyright Workshop

Copyright: what you need to know


Can I put a PDF of this article in my Blackboard course? Can I use this YouTube video? Can I photocopy a chapter from this e-book for my students? Can I stream this DVD? Bring your gnarly copyright questions and course readings lists, and we’ll help you figure out UFV’s new copyright landscape.


Tues, April 16

2:30–4 pm

CEP library


Thurs, April 18

10–11:30 am

AB B121


Facilitators: Heather Compeau and Colleen Bell





UFV Teaching and Learning

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