Visual Arts Gallery: The Lost One(s)

15 November 2013 - 27 November 2013
10:00 AM
Abbotsford Campus

Visual Arts Gallery: The Lost One(s)

Nov 15 - 27
Visual Arts Gallery, University of the Fraser Valley

An open work documentary conceived and directed by Kenneth Newby
with participation and contribution by members of the VA 271 New Media I class, Winter 2013

Featuring the voices and stories of:

Debra M. Bob (Swift Deer Woman), Coldwater First Nation, Nlaka'pamux, (Thompson), People of the River
Victoria April, Skwah First Nation, Pilalt Tribe, Sto:lo
Roxanne Marie Charles, Semiahmoo First Nation

We each have our own Truth to tell. These stories weave together in ways that have shaped the lives of those who care to remember and share. Like a child's set of blocks these stories can be put together in many different ways that reveal the structure of the world they emerge from.

The depth of the hurt is revealed in the lingering self-doubt that taints even the strongest realizations of strength and self-worth. The power of these stories emphasizes the usefulness of the process, and acknowledges, for each of us, our role in the way the great story we all share has unfolded within and through us and those around us.

The unspeakable is only whispered about briefly, pain is felt, betrayal registered, hatred turns to self-loathing, the armour built up over a life's encounter with these things corrodes the trust our social relations are grounded on, love's greatest gift, the love between mother and child is broken, the earth groans, the sacred drum sounds a call to action, healing.

Three First Nations women, children of mothers, mothers of children, share their experiences of living in the time of residential schools, the 60s scoop and Indian hospitals. Their stories are braided together into a single narrative of loss, insight, resistance, and healing.


Visual Arts

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