For Students

Science Fair projects come in all shapes and sizes, covering topics from ecology to computer science.  Check out the categories.

The Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair welcomes projects from students from kindergarten through grade 12, from public and private schools and from homeschoolers in our region.

There are three main types of projects you can take on:


An investigation undertaken to test a specific hypothesis using experiments. Experimental variables, if identified, are controlled to some extent.


A collection and analysis of data to reveal evidence of a fact, situation of scientific interest. It could include a study of cause and effect relationships or theoretical investigations of scientific data.


The development and evaluation of innovative devices, models, techniques or approaches in technology, engineering, or computers (hardware or software).

Learn more about how to put a project together.

Gear up to work in high technology

Earn an engineering physics diploma in mechatronics and learn to connect sensors and circuits for emerging technologies that will revolutionize our world.

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