Erin Burgess Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Erin Burgess was a fourth-year nursing student who died tragically in December 2000, as the result of a meningococcal infection. She was only 23 years old and would have completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in June of 2001. She was subsequently awarded a posthumous degree. Erin was a quiet and well-liked student who grew dramatically in confidence as she progressed through the program. Those who knew her best described Erin as a student who "truly blossomed" during her studies at UFV.

The Erin Burgess Memorial scholarship fund was established by Erin's family and friends to honour her achievements and to recognize the special qualities and accomplishments of other students in the UFV Nursing program in the future.

AMOUNT: Varies (Value of the award will fluctuate each year based on the endowment amount) 1 award in May and 1 award in December

AVAILABLE TO: A fourth year UFV Nursing student who is beginning his/her last semester of the program.

SELECTION PROCEDURE: The recipient of this award is selected by the Nursing faculty.

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