Sandy Steele Memorial Endowment Scholarship 

Donated by the Pinkiewicz family and the UFV Faculty and Staff Association.

Sandy was an employee in the UFV Faculty Office from 1977-1989.  In her professional life she was an excellent and conscientious worker at the university, while in her private life she was a loving wife and young mother of 2.  She passed away on July 5, 1989 after a short illness.  This award established by the Pinkiewicz family and Faculty and Staff Association of UFV is awarded in her memory.

AMOUNT: $275

AVAILABLE TO: All UFV students enrolled in a program in 2nd year or beyond and taking a minimum of three concurrent courses.  The applicant must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.  Preference will be given to UFV employees and their children.

HOW TO APPLY: Application forms for this scholarship is available on-line at MyUFV.  Log into MyUFV, click on Student Information,  then the tab for Financial Aid.


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