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Cherie Enns

Cherie Enns, PhD

Associate Professor Program Chair: Planning

Planning, Geography, and Environmental Studies

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Cherie Enns is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and the Environment at UFV. She is a registered community planner and educator with extensive experience leading international projects related to food systems, sustainable development goals (SDGs), and planning policy. She holds an MA in Community and Regional Planning and a Ph.D. in International Policy and Program Management. Cherie also leads a Universities Canada international internship program, with a focus on food systems and urban policy and manages an online e-learning platform that includes applied for courses in food systems to youth based in the global south. Each summer she co-teaches with graphic design a planning studio that integrates food policy and urban design. Last summer the students worked with Valley Food and Farm Collective to launch the Rail District market in Abbotsford. She also works on food insecurity for marginalized communities locally.

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