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Lauren Erland, PhD

Lauren Erland, PhD

Director of Berry Horticulture Research


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Lauren is the Director of Berry Horticulture Research in the Agriculture Department at UFV where she is starting the BERRI (Berry Environmental Resilience Research & Innovation) Lab. Her research interests are in understanding the role of plant growth regulators in plant perception and response to changes in their environment, and how this can be applied to understand and predict climate change resilience and vulnerability of Canadian plant species. Her work uses interdisciplinary approaches including metabolomics, plant tissue culture and micropropagation, quantum dot microscopy, field studies and controlled environments to better understand how plants grow. She has a particular interest in Vaccinium species (cranberry, huckleberry, lingonberry, blueberry), understanding how these traditional and commercial species respond to stress, and applied research to promote food security, food sovereignty and berry health on the land, in the field and in the lab.

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