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How to choose the best university

Of all the universities you could attend, how do you know which one can provide you with the best education and opportunities? Which one is best suited to your inclinations and goals? Answer the questions below for all the schools you consider attending. Compare your answers to decide which university is your best choice.


Is the university accredited?

Did you know that some schools advertising online do not have the credentials to grant degrees?  To make sure you get a quality university education, always verify that a university is accredited. Employers, governments, and other universities around the world only recognize degrees from accredited schools. In Canada, visit U Universities Canada for a list of member institutions.

Check UFV’s accreditation


Does the university offer a program that fits my career goals?

Want to be a fashion designer? A jet pilot? A business executive? If you have clear career goals, it’s easy to find out if a school offers a program that is right for you.  If you don’t know exactly what you want to be, narrow down your search by focusing on one or two fields of interest, such as science or information technology.

UFV offers 15 bachelor’s degrees, two master’s degrees, and 100 certificates and diplomas in a variety of fields. View our program list to explore options.


Do I meet the program and entrance requirements?

Save time and money: apply only to schools for which you meet requirements. Meeting requirements increases your chances to be accepted.   View the UFV Calendar to find out if you meet requirements for the program you want.

If you are weak in a subject area, such as English or math, you may wish to take time to upgrade before you start university. You will get better grades if you are well-prepared. 


Will I receive a quality education?

All Canadian universities that are members of Universities Canada deliver a world-class education.  As part of the rigorous application process to become a member, institutions demonstrate that they have robust quality assurance policies and procedures in place.

That said, each institution offers its own set of opportunities and services. Depending on your learning style and career goals, you may wish to check the following when you shortlist an institution:

  • Class sizes
  • Opportunities for experiential learning
  • Opportunities for student research
  • Opportunities to earn extra curricular credits

As a teaching-oriented university, UFV not only provides you with quality instruction, but with engaging learning opportunities that ensure you are job-ready and equipped to make an impact when you graduate.


Can I afford it?

Tuition fees vary from school to school, and the cost of living from city to city. Get a solid estimate of total cost before you apply to make sure the university fits your budget. You may also wish to research entrance scholarships and employment opportunities in the area where the university is located. Learn more about fees and living expenses at UFV


Can I work while I am studying?

As a student, finding employment can help you make money, explore career options, build contacts, and gain valuable work experience.  If you plan on working part-time, find out about employment opportunities on campus:

  • Does the university have a career center?
  • Can you find a job, either on or off campus?
  • Does the university offer a co-op program that lets combine your studies with paid employment in your field?

Find out about work opportunities at UFV.


Will I enjoy living in the community?

Since you may spend several years studying at university, you want to weigh the benefits and challenges of living in each location carefully: big urban centers offer lots of amenities, but they can be impersonal and crowded. Smaller cities may be quieter, but also greener and friendlier. To find out more about a community, including weather, business, recreation or culture, check their website.

UFV is in Abbotsford, a city of the Fraser Valley blessed with temperate weather and surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Going to university is an investment in your future: take the time to find the university that is best suited to your needs and future career goals. If UFV is the school for you, apply now and start the exciting adventure that will bring you to study at university.

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