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For parents & supporters

University is a big step and most students rely on support from their families and friends to help them make a successful transition and reach their educational goals.

This page is designed to give you the information you need to provide the support your student may need as they experience UFV and all we have to offer here. We're pleased to welcome you as members of the UFV extended family.

Come for a visit

We would be happy to show you around the Abbotsford campus and tell you about all the programs and services available to your student at UFV. Book a campus tour today. 

Supporters & Parents Orientation program

UFV's Supporters & Parents Orientation sessions are held in late spring/early summer and are designed to answer questions and address family concerns about the university experience. Having knowledge about campus departments, programs, and services will make it easier for you to discuss suitable resources for your student, and help you encourage them to seek assistance when they require it.

Understanding university "lingo"

There are quite a few words that may be new and confusing when approaching university for the first time. We've compiled a glossary for just that reason! Check it out and let us know if we've missed anything.

How to apply and register 

When someone is interested in attending UFV, they first have to apply to the institution to become a student. After they are admitted to UFV, then they are able to select and register for the courses. Both of these processes are managed by the UFV Office of the Registrar. These links will show you how the process works, step by step:

How to apply
How to register

Educational advising

Many new students do not yet know what they want to study. To help them figure out a plan of action, UFV offers Educational Advising services. Advisors help students, prospective students and their families in formulating educational plans, understanding institutional policies and procedures, and accessing services designed to increase their success. Make an appointment with an advisor now.

Cost of education at UFV

A typical undergraduate student taking a full course load at UFV can expect to pay about $4,080 in tuition over two semesters. See our Academic Calendar to view current fees and other costs.

Scholarships and awards are available that recognize academic achievement but also financial need and special situations. Visit UFV’s Surfing for Dollars site for more information.  

Parental contribution is one of the many financial factors taken into account in the student loan assessment process. CanLearn’s Parental Contribution Calculator can help you figure out your parental contribution amount so that you may better understand the way in which student loans are calculated.
Parental Contribution Calculator

Housing for students

UFV students have a variety of options for housing in the vicinity of our campuses. 

  • UFV’s student residence, Baker House, accommodates 204 students on the Abbotsford campus. Visit our Residence page for more information on the facility, fees, and meal plans available. 
  • Students can search and locate off-campus housing options.
  • International students have the additional option of homestay.

Support services for students

Successful learning involves more than quality programs and instruction. UFV offers a wide variety of support services to help students get the most out of their education. Visit our Student Services page to to see what's available to your student.

Safety and security

The UFV Safety and Security department is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for all those who enter UFV premises. Campus Security provides numerous services to the UFV community, including SafeWalk, which is offered from 9 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday through Friday each semester. Students can request a SafeWalk by calling 1-855-239-7654. Students may also stop a patrol team at any time to request assistance, ask for information, or ask for a SafeWalk. We also have dedicated after-dark parking areas for women.

Important dates

You may want to know when your student will need some extra support (e.g. during final exams!) or has a holiday coming up (e.g. February reading break). Check out our list of important dates online. Don't forget to mark convocation (a.k.a. Graduation) on your calendars either. 

Campus Card

Send your son or daughter off to university with money pre-loaded on their Campus Card — it’s safe, secure, and practical. It is a meal plan and a campus debit card. Students can even use it to buy their textbooks. Visit the Campus Card office or load your student's card from home.

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Nicole Wierks, UFV Biology grad

I knew playing basketball and going to university would be a lot of work. My UFV professors were very supportive when managing school and basketball got tough during the busiest times of year. They knew me and worked with me so I could balance it all.

  • – Nicole Wierks
  •    UFV Biology grad
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