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Successful learning involves more than quality programs and instruction. UFV offers a variety of support services to help you get the most out of your education.

Educational advising

Academic advisors at UFV are always on hand to discuss your educational choices. They can help you set goals, make a program plan, select courses, find out how to meet entrance requirements, understand transfer credits, choose upgrading options, prepare to transfer to another university, or change programs. Book an appointment with an advisor.

Assessment services

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is a flexible assessment process that helps you obtain credit in a course or program for what you already know or can do. Qualified specialists at UFV assess the skills and knowledge that you have already acquired against learning outcomes of UFV courses. Learn more about PLAR.

Centre for Accessibility Services

The Centre for Accessibility Services operates as the central contact point for students with disabilities at UFV. We are here to smooth the path for students with disabilities as they move through their academic career. Services for students focus upon providing accommodations and services to help meet academic demands, while promoting student responsibility and self-advocacy. Learn more about the Centre for Accessibility Services.

Indigenous Student Centre

The Aboriginal Resource Centre (ARC) provides resources and academic support to aboriginal students who identify themselves as Metis, Inuit, status First Nations, and non-status First Nations. Learn more about the Indigenous Student Centre.

Counselling services

UFV counsellors provide career counselling, study skills counselling and personal counselling. Learn more about UFV counselling services.

Academic Success Centre (ASC)

The Academic Success Centre offers FREE student-focused tutoring, workshops, online resources and support programs to develop students’ academic skills and knowledge. Peer tutors work with students on personal learning strategies and approaches, and provide writing and subject-area support under the supervision of the Learning Strategist and the Coordinator of the Academic Success Centre. The ASC has work spaces and resources at the Abbotsford and Chilliwack campuses as well as at our various drop-in locations. Learn more about the Academic Success Centre.

Supported Learning Groups (SLG)

UFV provides structured study groups led by upper-level students who have succeeded in the course earlier in their studies. Each supported learning group focuses on a course that has proven difficult for first-year students. Learn more about Supported Learning Groups.

Math & Stats Centre

At the Math & Stats Centre you can find Math and Stats Centre Assistants, Mathematics & Statistics faculty, and student monitors who can help you with your mathematics or statistics problems, and can work with you personally to provide you with that extra insight you might need to really understand. Learn more about the Math-Stats Centre.

UFV Study Abroad

Did you know you can go study abroad for one semester, while earning UFV credits and paying UFV tuition? Choose from 40 destinations. Learn more about UFV Study Abroad.

New Student Orientation programs

UFV Orientation programs are the best way to get to know UFV before your first day of class. If you’re NEW to UFV, we have information for you. Get started by registering for an Orientation program. Learn more about UFV Orientation programs.

Nicole Wierks, UFV Biology grad

I knew playing basketball and going to university would be a lot of work. My UFV professors were very supportive when managing school and basketball got tough during the busiest times of year. They knew me and worked with me so I could balance it all.

  • – Nicole Wierks
  •    UFV Biology grad
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