Practicum and applied studies

The UFV History department offers opportunities to apply academic learning outside of the classroom.

History 301: Studies in Applied History

This course introduces you to public history, which concerns itself with the applications of history outside academia. You examine the conceptual issues around historical representation and critically assess a range of historical sites, including museums and historical re-creations, as well as popular history in print, film and television histories, on the web and as taught in the school system.

History 401: Practicum in History

This course is designed to integrate applied experience and training into your academic studies in history. Through a semester-long practicum, you participate in supervised, unpaid work experience with a local employer or institution to apply or build upon your historical skills and open up employment opportunities through work contacts. HIST 401 can be taken as either a regularly scheduled classroom course or in a directed studies format.

Past placements include:

  • Public school classrooms
  • Museums, archives, and historical sites
  • First Nations organizations
  • Community service organizations
  • Private historical consultants
  • An environmental engineering firm
  • Local politicians and government 

The practicum itself is built around both your needs and the sponsor's, and it is for this reason that the program has been so successful. Because practicum sites are arranged well in advance (especially school practicums), you should inquire about applying for HIST 401 by late September.

Download the HIST 401 application form or obtain a copy from the UFV History department assistant in office D3094 at the Abbotsford campus.

History 440: Local History for the Web

Instructors: Robin Anderson and Scott Sheffield

This course allows you (individually or in a group) to conduct archival research on select Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley historical themes, and present your research as web pages for public consumption. You work closely with local history providers including museums and historical sites (such as Fort Langley National Historic Site and Coqualeetza Cultural Education Centre), community and regional archives, and local public historians to investigate your chosen topics. You learn to properly structure and publish your research findings as a basic website.


For more information on the History department's applied studies options, please contact historyinfo@ufv.ca.

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