Scholarships and awards

UFV offers a number of awards specifically for History students.

While we recognize that the semester gets busy and time gets tight, do consider applying for awards. Not only is it wonderful to receive a few accolades in recognition of your achievement and hard work, but awards are also great to list on a résumé.

UFV administered awards

Faculty nomination

Student Application


If you have questions about the awards administered by UFV, please contact the History department assistant at 604-557-4075.


External Awards and Scholarships

    • $750 for a first or second-year student
    • $1000 for a third or fourth-year student


For more information about scholarships and awards, or if you need financial assistance, visit UFV's Financial Aid and Awards website.


Past recipients

Bob Smith Annual History Department Award
2019          Steven Prosser
2018 Melissa Wing
2017 Kelly Miles
2016 Jared de Bruin
2015 Colin Nicholl
2014 Maryam Purtis
2013 Kailey Erickson
2012 Jordan Williams
2011 Paul Esau
2010 Paul Brammer


History Department Annual Student Award
2019          Evan Rauhanen
2018 Pamela Hunt
2017 Brayden Hirsch
2016 Tasha Guenther


Jack Gaston Annual History Department Prize
2019          Kit O'Connor
2018 Timothy Slaa
2017 Jared de Bruin
2016 Dana Mandeville
2015 David Seymour
2014 Paul Brammer
2013 Jordan Williams
2012 Adam Schilt
2011 Tyler Klassen
2010 Vanessa Ayley
2009 Grace Rempel


Historical Biography Prize Award
2019           Julie Lloyd
2018 Brielle Jacobson


Undergraduate Research Excellence Award
2019 Emily Clarke
2018                           Kelly Miles
2017 Dani Summer
2016 Dana Mandeville
2013 Sean Evans
2012 Michael Schmidt
2011 Kelsey Siemens
2010 Carley Baxter
2009 Brandon Langhjelm
2008 James Inglis and Anjuli Zukowski


Dr. Michael and Edith Guggenheim Holocaust Memorial Annual Scholarship
2019 Rhianna Martin
2018        Raveena Walia
2017 Lauren Yaciw
2015 Greg Watkins
2013 Joseph Waugh


Constance Barber Newby Memorial History Scholarship
2012              Matilda Tabert
2011 Michael Schmidt
2010 Christopher Bonshor
2009 Tanya Pluhowy
2008 Chelsea Auffray
2007 Sheryl Appleby


Margaret Ormsby Prize for the Best Essay in British Columbia History
2019           Kit O'Connor
2018 Haley Kloosterhof

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