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Bachelor of General Studies (pre-Fall 2019)

Starting in Fall 2019, the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) will no longer accept new students. Any students currently enrolled in the BGS can choose to switch into the Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS) or to work toward completing their BGS credential.

Please review the FAQ, to see how the program change may affect you. If you have any questions, please request an appointment with an academic advisor for Integrated Studies.

The BIS is designed to provide flexible pathways for students interested in integrating different disciplines, short programs, and professional experience into their degree.

The diploma has not changed its name because it is designed so that students can take courses from many different subject areas at UFV, whereas the degree integrates professional experience.  

BGS students can remain in their current program if they would like, or they may request a change to the Bachelor of Integrated Studies. If you are interested in switching into the BIS, please make an appointment with the BIS academic advisor at

Once a degree is conferred by UFV, the degree cannot be exchanged for the Bachelor of Integrated Studies.


The BIS is a competency-based degree, meaning that graduates can speak to potential employers and graduate schools about how they have met the degree’s six core competencies. BIS and BGS graduates have continued into graduate schools, teacher education programs, and a diversity of career pathways.

In addition, BIS programs are found in other parts of Canada, and therefore the degree is more recognizable across the country.

Yes, all DGS credits can be used towards the BIS – it’s designed to ladder. The DGS credits can be applied to other degrees, but students may still need to take additional credits to ensure they meet the required prerequisites. 

The BIS maintains a transfer partnership with Coastal Pacific Aviation (CPA) to transfer flight training to UFV for credit. We currently accept up to 46 credits from CPA. Students can apply these credits to a thematic option in Professional Pilot Training - Fixed Wing, or use them towards a custom theme designed with the assistance of an advisor.

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Receive credits toward one of four credentials, including the General Studies diploma & the Bachelor of Integrated Studies through a new UVF-McDonald's partnership.

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