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Meet the Indigenous Student Centre Peer Mentors


Bridgette Hill

My name is Bridgette Hill. I am from Old Massett on Queen Charlotte Islands from my mother’s side and my father is Cree and Ojibwa from Alberta. I am in my second year of the Business Administration program at UFV.  Once I meet the requirements, my goal is to switch into the degree program. My first year was a struggle because I didn’t know anyone and I was to shy to talk to anyone. The great people at the Indigenous Student Centre helped me with my courses, as well as applying for scholarships. In return, I would like to be able to help new students who might be in the position I once was.

I feel honored to support the ISC center at the Chilliwack or Abbotsford location and look forward to meeting new and current students! 


Kate Crawford

My name is Kate and I have been a student here at UFV since 2013. I am Cree from the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation in Saskatchewan but have lived in beautiful British Columbia my whole life. Since starting school in 2013 I have had two major program changes. In my early years, I completed two years towards a Bachelor of Sciences but health care was my passion so I was accepted into the Bachelor of Science in Nursing where I completed two and a half years. It was at this time that I determined nursing was not for me and I needed yet another change. I am now currently in my last year of a Bachelor of Arts in History and Kinesiology. Once I graduate in plan to enter the Bachelor of Education and become a middle/high school educator focusing on Social Studies and Physical Education.

I work in the Indigenous Student Center as a student peer mentor and I am here to help new and current students navigate life at University. This includes anything from navigating blackboard, figuring out registration/timetables, tours around campus, to outlining the resources that are available to students on campus.


Luwana Louis

Ey Swayel! Luwana tel skwix. Hello! My name is Luwana Louis. I am a member of the Sumas First Nation, in Abbotsford. I am a single mom raising two great kids, and working part time on campus and at my nation. I am a 4th year Bachelor of Science student working on a major in Biology and minor in Geography and have completed my Geographic Information Systems Certificate and a Professional Communication Essentials associate certificate along side my major/minor studies. I have also taken first and 2nd year French and Halq’eméylem. I am a sponsored student, and am pretty familiar with what it means to be a sponsored student. I have taken courses on all UFV campuses and utilized various service centres over the years (Math centre, writing centre, SLG groups, etc.). In my "spare" time I volunteer for the Abbotsford Minor Hockey association and the Canadian Pony Club.

I am thrilled to be a peer mentor at the Indigenous Student Centre being able to share what I have learned over the years as a student here at UFV with new and existing students. I am often in the centre don't be shy to ask me anything, I am always willing to help.



Sasha Tuttle

Ey Swayel! My name is Sasha Tuttle, and I am from Sumas First Nation on my father’s side. I have been working on my bachelor’s degree of Science since 2016. My major is in biology and my concentration is in the biology and ecology of organisms. I also aim to graduate from UFV with an Advanced Proficiency Certificate in Spanish. While my journey in advancing my education was very challenging in my first and second year, I am now finding it very enriching as I become more involved with my community and the university.

I now have the honor of working at the Indigenous Student Centre in Abbotsford as an indigenous peer mentor. I am thankful for this opportunity and look forward to meeting new students and helping them get familiar with their surroundings and student life.


Scharie March

My name is Scharie March, I am DeneSuline from Northern Cold Lake First Nations and I grew up on the Stó:lō territory. I am currently in my second year in the Bachelor of Arts Degree program and doing a double minor in communications and philosophy. Once I complete my degree, I would like to apply for Law school, specializing in Indigenous studies. I am hoping to bring the skills and knowledge learned throughout my time in school back into my community.

Currently, I am one of the Peer Mentors through the work study program within Indigenous student center at UFV. I look forward to meeting and helping students during their time at UFV.



Aleeta Sepass

As one of the new Indigenous Peer Mentors, I would like to introduce myself and share a little about my education journey and goals. And lastly, how I can be a support to you. Firstly, my name is Aleeta Sepass. I am a young xwélmexw woman who is apart of both the Stó:lō and St’atl’imx- Xa’xsta (Port Douglas) communities. Secondly, I am a third-year student at UFV, where I recently earned a General Studies Diploma. Currently, I am a volunteer at both the Coqualeetza Cultural Education Centre and the Chilliwack Museum and Archives. Both my interest in Indigenous History and work experience has fueled me to further my education and to pursue an undergraduate degree in History and minor in Anthropology. 

My academic journey hasn’t come easy. However, it is worth while as in the future I would like work with the Stó:lō community.  I continue to learn and better understand what works best for me and towards my education goals. Overall, some of my key take-aways from my academic journey include determining my education goals and aspirations, how and where to make meaningful connections and importantly to seek support when needed. As an Indigenous student, I would like to pass on my knowledge and experiences with my Indigenous peers and furthermore to offer my support to you and in your new endeavors!

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