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BlueJeans desktop video conferencing — What is it?

BlueJeans is a cloud-based desktop video conferencing meeting platform that allows for face-to-face meetings to be held from virtually anywhere in the world. Meetings can be held on campus with remote users by simply using the BlueJeans platform, microphone, and camera technology from your laptop or desktop computer.

BCNET has a partnership agreement with BlueJeans that allows for the use of the video conferencing service for all higher education institutes in B.C. UFV is currently trialing the BlueJeans Desktop Video Conferencing option that allows for audio and video communication with online participants using a web browser, telephone, iPad or iPhone. This desktop video conferencing service allows for increased productivity as well as a reduction in travel time and costs.

Each desktop video conferencing session supports up to a maximum of 25 concurrent devices/users.

What could I use the BlueJeans service for?

  • Job interviews
  • Long-distance meetings
  • Research and collaboration
  • Impromptu remote meetings that may be necessary because of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Who can use this service?

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Departments
  • Researchers
  • Administration

Note: the service is not available to students at this time.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for the service; however, long distance calling charges may apply.

When and where can I use this service?

You can use the service any time of day through a supported online connection at UFV or off-campus with an authorized invitation to attend a specific BlueJeans meeting.

What equipment do I need to use BlueJeans?

For single use

  • Laptop with a functioning camera or a PC with a peripheral USB webcam.
  • USB headset with microphone or alternatively a phone to dial in for audio (BlueJeans does not recommend using the built-in microphone on PCs or laptops as they are prone to feedback and echo).
  • iPhone or iPad with BlueJeans app installed.

Larger group meeting (recommended)

For larger group meetings where a single laptop with a camera and microphone headset won’t suffice, these additional peripherals are recommended:

  • USB external microphone
  • USB web camera
  • Tripod
  • Laptop HDMI port or VGA adapter to connect the laptop to a meeting room screen

Where can I source this equipment?

  • Please go through your department or Procurement Services to source these items.
  • TLC also has some of these items for loan.

IT Services does not have any to loan at this time.

Request your Bluejeans account

Please contact the IT Service Desk to request your BlueJeans account creation. Make sure to include the following information in your request:

Full name:
UFV email address:
Full UFV telephone number (including local):
Workstation ID or Computer Name (found on white sticker on hardware):
Delegate: If you want delegation set up so someone else can schedule BlueJeans meetings on your behalf, please also include the above-listed information for them as well. This information will be used to populate your BlueJeans BCNET account creation.

Include in the subject line: BlueJeans account request

Upon creation of your account, you will receive a welcome email from BlueJeans, then a second email from the IT Service Desk that will provide you with both login instructions and setup instructions to follow. Once the setup is complete, the use of the desktop video conferencing service is self-managed.


Technical support by IT Services and the IT Service Desk for the use of the service is limited to ensuring accounts are created and maintained, and that there is on campus internet connectivity. Ensuring UFV supplied equipment (e.g., laptop camera, microphones, ports, jacks) are in working order to facilitate the BlueJeans meetings are also within this scope.

How to questions and BlueJeans system issues outside of that scope are handled by BlueJeans. They have extensive documentation as well as weekly real-time training sessions you can take advantage of:

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