Placed at various locations throughout all our campuses, we have bottle recycling bins that are available to discard any unwanted cans and/or bottles.  We ask that students refrain from leaving their empty bottles in classrooms, and to instead place them in the bins found in central locations in the main hallways of the campus.  The reason for this request is that UFV has a partnership with the Lifestyles Group who are responsible for collecting and recycling all UFV bottles/cans where the proceeds go towards sustaining the foundation.

Materials include:

• Plastic (bottles)
• Plastics (pop, juice, water etc.)
• Aluminium (pop, juice, energy drink etc.)
• Glass (juice, pop, non-alcoholic beverages etc.)
• Cartons (juice only)
• Pouches (juice, kool-aid etc.)
• Metal Cans (tomato juice, beverage cans etc.)

Bottle recycling bins can be found in all main hallways at all campus locations on every floor.  Your best chance at finding one would generally be located beside a vending machine.

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