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Graduate 2010

I have enjoyed my time very much at UFV.  Learning and working with my fellow joiners, it has been great fun.

Learning was made easy with the special bond of not just Tim Lynch but all instructors Larry, Mark and Pierce.

Graduate 2010

My experience at UFV has been very pleasant.  The program was well organized. It's easy to find which tasks have been completed or not.  The instructors were always available to help when I needed it.

Graduate 2010

When I started this course I thought I knew everything that was going to be taught and I was not going to learn much.  I was wrong.  I learned so much more and now know how little of the trade I actually knew - when I thought I knew it all.

Along the way I have been able to hone my skills under the guidance of my instructor Tim.  I now have the skills to complete projects I thought I wouldn't be able to do for years.

Graduate 2010

Self paced course, allowed me to explore different techniques in woodworking.  This course encourages each individuals creativity.

Graduate 2010 


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