1. The Library Advisory Committee (LAC) advises both the University College Council (UCC) and the Director of Library Services on matters relating to the Library and library services. These include but are not limited to the following:

a) The policies, role, functions and priorities of the Library.

b) Communication between the Library and the instructional areas of UFV.

c) Communication between the Library and the community.

d) Methods of allocating the library acquisitions budget and other resources.

e) Methods of evaluating the services of the Library.

2. The Chair of the LAC is elected annually from among its members.

3. The Chair of the LAC reports to UCC in a timely fashion, and at least annually, through a written report.

4. Members of the LAC will be appointed or elected for two-year, staggered terms.

5. Membership:

Faculty of Arts3 faculty (elected)
Faculty of Professional Studies    2 faculty (elected)
Faculty of Science2 faculty (elected)
Faculty of Trades and Technology1 faculty (elected)
Assoc. VP, Teaching & Development2 representatives (elected)
Assoc. VP, Research & Graduate Studies1 representative (appointed)
University College Council1 representative (appointed)
Student Union Society1 representative (appointed)
Students-at-large2 representatives
VP Academic and Provost or delegate Ex-officioVoting
Director of Library Services Ex-officioVoting
Library Management TeamAppointed, non-voting

6. It is the responsibility of committee members to represent equitably the interests of their constituents and the campus distribution of programs.

7. A quorum consists of 50% of the voting members.

8. It is a voting member’s responsibility to find a substitute who will hold his or her proxy for any meeting that he/she is unable to attend. Any member missing more than two consecutive meetings without making arrangements for a substitute may be replaced at the discretion of the committee until an election can take place.

9. LAC meetings are open. Any member of the University College community may ask to have an item added to the agenda and may attend and speak to it. Observers are welcome.

May 27, 2008 pw

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