The Logistics department’s role with furniture is repair, movement, disposal, and reconfiguration of existing furniture, or the delivery and installation of surplus pieces.  Complete office set-ups are most often purchased with delivery and installation included.

For UFV furniture standards for staff and faculty offices, and for acquiring new furniture, please see the Purchasing department.

Reconfiguration, and moves of offices

The Material Handlers are able to make minor changes or remove existing components.  For reconfiguration of existing furniture or the addition of surplus pieces, please contact Once an approved layout has been agreed upon, please submit a Facilities Work Request to have the work completed.  For any new furniture, please contact the Purchasing department.  If necessary, when ordering new furniture, the Purchasing department will work with Shelley Young to design a layout for the space and create a plan for approval.  When individuals move from one location to another, they are encouraged to only move their files and computer.  It is UFV policy to not move furniture, wherever possible.

Repairs and/or adjustments to furniture

To have furniture or keyboard trays installed, moved, adjusted, or repaired, please submit a Facilities Work Request.

Unwanted furniture

If you have furniture no longer required by yourself or your department, please submit a Facilities Work Request, and it will be removed.  Furniture that is considered to be re-usable by UFV will be put into surplus for use by other departments.  All furniture is considered UFV property, therefore UFV does not store furniture for specific departments.

Acquiring furniture from surplus

If you require furniture, but don’t have the funds to buy new, there may be something available from storage that can be supplied at no cost to your department.  The Facilities department keeps track of all surplus furniture available for re-distribution: email with a description of the item you are looking for, and if available, you will be asked to submit a Facilities Work Request for the delivery and installation in the designated space.

Personal furniture

UFV maintains standards for all furnishings on all campuses for consistency in esthetics and safety.  UFV discourages the use of personal furnishings and appliances within the university.

Project and renovation moves

Large projects and renovations require additional support by professional movers and are arranged for, and scheduled by,

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