Shipping and Receiving is on the move . . . .

In an effort to optimize space and to be more efficient with the use of our existing resources; and move goods and supplies to where they need to go, the provision of Logistical services at UFV is changing.

  • Goods will be directly delivered to all of our campuses
  • Shipper, receivers and material handlers will be located at Abbotsford campus B110, and Chilliwack campus at CEP A1101
  • Dedicated Warehouse space will be established at CEP building W


  • Establish classroom additions at the Abbotsford campus
  • Apply greater focus on moving goods internally
  • Integrate more sustainable transfer and delivery of goods
  • Develop resource and process efficiencies

Our aim is to make this change as transparent and non-impacting as possible. We ask for your patience and support through this transition.

As part of the transition we invite those interested to visit our Shipping and Receiving move feedback page to share questions, thoughts and well wishes.

It is important to note that although logistical services is changing, the people are not. Lorin, Connie, Shannon, Bob, Ken, and Andy are here to help, and look forward to working with you.

The Logistics team!

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