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Make a difference

Our world needs difference-makers now, more than ever. This requires diverse perspectives, bold thinkers, compassionate leaders, and inspiring innovators. By donating to the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) today, you support students like Rose-Mary, featured below, in leading transformation in our community.


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Meet Rose-Mary Siemens

Rose-Mary Siemens


At UFV, we meet our students where they are on their life journey. Even if that journey is three decades in the making.

Rose-Mary always knew she wanted to be a nurse or a counsellor, and heal the pain of others. But, as it often happens, her journey had some twists and turns before leading her back to UFV at the age of 51 to pursue her Social Service Worker diploma.

Donate to UFV today and invest in difference-makers like Rose-Mary -- students and alumni who keep our vibrant Fraser Valley community strong.

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