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Mathematics and Statistics

LaTeX Resouces


A brief tour of LaTex (PDF) 

Installation Instructions:

Art of Problem Solving LaTeX Download Page

Extra Tutorials:

The following PDF files introduce various LaTeX concepts. Each includes a brief tutorial as well as the source code that created the tutorial. You do not need the source code file, but it's a smaller file to download if you choose to compile it yourself.

  • Creating Bibliographies (PDF)
  • Theorem-like Objects and Internal Referencing (PDF)
  • Creating Pictures (PDF)
  • Creating a Title and Abstract (PDF)
  • Using Colors (PDF)

Some Useful Web Sites

Some Sample LaTex Documents

  1. (David Chu) The following files are samples of LaTeX code taken from David Chu's research publications.
  2. (Ian Affleck) In Winter 2007, I posted LaTeX source code along with the PDF files for three Vector Calculus items. I tried to document them as I would a tutorial.
    • Math 312 Assignment 1 (PDF)
    • Math 312 Assignment 1 Key (PDF)
    • Math 312 Assignment 2 (PDF )
  3. (Ian Affleck) This is Part 1 of my Math Club presentation on Nov 19, 2007, an introduction to a problem I studied for my graduate work.  It was created with \documentclass{slides}
    • Optimal Broadcast Strategies (PDF)

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