Just like classroom-based courses, for online courses at UFV you must complete and submit an application form and pay the requested fee. If you are already a UFV student, remember that you must have the prerequisites for the courses you plan to register in.

You register for an online course in the same way as for any other course at UFV.  For detailed information about the registration process, visit UFV Admissions.

After you registered?

Once you have registered for an online course, you will be able to access your course at noon on the first day of classes. Visit myUFV. Click on the My Courses tab and follow the directions for logging into your fully online course.

The fully online course is open throughout the semester and closes on or near the last day of the last month of the semester, usually at midnight. For the summer semester, courses begin on the first day of classes. Remember to log in before noon before the third day of classes.

Access to your fully online course ends at midnight on the last day of the month of your final exam.

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