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Facilities Services has developed this window film guideline to endeavour to preserve UFV’s professional image, project a consistent look and message across each campus, and to ensure a secure working and learning environment in which window screening provides a balance of visibility, while giving a measure of privacy.

Graphic Standards:
Graphics and film colour will be consistent across all campuses. Window film is to be translucent, colorless, “frosted”, and non- white.  To ensure consistent texture and colour, UFV’s has prequalified “Newindow Film Ltd.” (subject to periodic review) as our approved vendor.  Window film shall be applied using a water soluble adhesive and must be easily removed.

Window Panes in Doors:
Window panes in doors are designed to provide occupant safety by allowing unobstructed outward and inward visibility.  Window panes in doors are to remain entirely clear, and are not permitted to be covered.

Office Windows:
Interior windows are typically screened with blinds or left unscreened.  Exceptions for film application on interior office windows would be considered where an office window looks directly onto a high traffic corridor.  In this case, window film for seated privacy should not extend higher that 60” measured from the floor to the top of the window film.

Large Windows:
Large windows are very popular by designers because open and inviting spaces can be created while providing flexible, quiet, semi-private meeting rooms and study spaces.  To preserve this function, large windows are meant to remain clear as much as possible (without film).  Exceptions to this rule are the use of window film to provide modest privacy, and for safety reasons in which the window must be marked to prevent people from accidently walking into the window.

To reduce redundancy and cost, a window shall have blinds or film, but not both.  Requests to screen a large window with film that has existing blinds will be decided on a case by case basis.

Window Film as Signage:
Window film as signage will not be permitted, except in special cases where window film lettering will announce a department’s “front-of-house”.  If lettering is used, it is to be 5” or 2” size using UFV’s “bliss” font, title case, and is to be limited to the name of the department.  Hours of operation, “Welcome to”, way-finding instructions, or additional information about the department will not be permitted as window film.

All UFV logo and brand related film designs are to conform to the rules of the UFV band as governed by the Marketing & Communications department.


  1. Dean or director to make a window film request to the Marketing and Communications Department (
  2. MarCom Department to do a mock-up, and review the design with the Facilities Department.
  3. Design is signed off by requester, and the requester’s budget code is specified.
  4. Facilities Department (Ed Visser or designate) to fill out the SPR and to place the order with the vendor.

Click here for a sample of the Window Film Proof.

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