Parking Meter Locations

Parking meters are located inside most of our buildings, and in specific locations outside.  Interior meters accept both coin and credit card payments.  Exterior meters accept credit card payments only (with the exception of the ticket meter located in parking Lot 3 on the Abbotsford campus‌).

In a hurry? Don't have time to stop at a meter?  Why not pay-by-phone?

Abbotsford Interior Building Locations

  • Building A West - 2nd floor just inside the breezeway.
  • Building A East - 2nd floor near the "Roadrunner Cafe".
  • Building A East - 3rd floor at the interconnect between Building A West (off parking lot 6b).
  • Building B - 1st floor entrance.
  • Building B - 2nd floor just outside of Student Services in the "Alumni Hall".
  • Building C - 1st floor just inside the main entrance.
  • Building D - 1st floor entrance at the interconnect between Building B.
  • Building E - 1st floor inside the lobby of the South Gym.
  • Building G - 1st floor main entrance (opposite the library main entrance).

Abbotsford Exterior Parking Lot Locations

  • Lot 2a - (credit card payments only).
  • Lot 3
  • Lot 4 - (credit card payments only).

Canada Education Park Interior Building Locations

  • Building A - 1st floor North West entrance off Caen Ave (next to A1302).
  • Building A - 1st floor South entrance between Library (A1201) and Tim Horton's (A1438).
  • Building A - 1st floor East entrance outside of Aboriginal Resource Centre (A1442).
  • Building T - 1st floor main entrance outside of Administration (T1002).


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