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Employee passes

Parking Desk Hours

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10 am - 4 pm, closed from 1 - 2 pm

Located in the ABB Bookstore

Employee Daily Punch Passes Now Available!

  • This system provides each staff member with a unique code to allow them to control and manage the days they park on campus
  • Passes can be purchased in person from the Parking Desk in a pack of 5, 10, or 20 days
  • New codes must be purchased once usuage is complete
  • No need to have a physical permit, the license plate is the e-permit
  • License plate is entered at the time of parking, so there is no need to always drive the same vehicle
  • Cost per day is the standard employee daily rate ($3)
  • Staff can park in staff or student lots
  • Ensure all information is accurately inputted, no refunds will be offered
  • To redeem parking, please use QR code below or go directly to Offstreet (location number #1925)


Employee e-permit (Non-permanent employees)

  • Register for an employee E-permit through your myUFV account (see link below, under 'Purchase E-permit') 
  • Only one licence plate can be registered.
  • No physical pass is given (the licence plate becomes the e-permit).
  • Park in any employee or regular stall.
  • E-permits can be purchased on a monthly basis (if you are looking for day passes, please use PayByPhone or purchase at the meter)

Payroll deductions (Permanent employees only)

  • Pay for parking automatically each pay date.
  • Two licence plates per permit can be registered.
  • Park in designated employee and regular stalls.
  • Green physical parking pass is mailed to you.
  • If you are interested in paying for parking on a "per day basis" rather than incurring one monthly fee, you will have to decline parking payroll deductions and pay for parking using PayByPhone, or E-permits. In order to terminate payroll deductions employees are required to submit their hanging parking permit to Ancillary Services (H158) and send a cancellation email to, including their permit number and employee name/ID.

Note: Employee parking passes are not valid on city streets (Gillis Ave, College Dr, McKenzie Rd).

If your parking pass has expired, you will need to reapply for payroll deductions, through your myUFV account. 

If you need to make a license plate change on your parking permit, please send an email to The email should include your permit number, old and new license, name, and employee ID.

If you have lost or damaged your parking pass, and it is not yet set to expire, please contact Impark at or call 604-331-7288 to request a replacement (which will be mailed to your address).

Purchase an e-permit or set up parking payroll deductions

  1. Log in to myUFV.
  2. Click on 'Employee information' under 'UFV Self-Service Links' (left side of the screen).
  3. Click on 'Parking Pass Application'.

Guidelines for payroll deductions suspension

In order to temporarily cancel (with the intent to later re-instate) automated payroll deductions for parking, one of the following situations must be applicable:

  • Planned maternity leave in excess of four months
  • Planned educational or sabbatical leave in excess of four months
  • Approved short-term disability (STD) medical leave
  • Approved long-term disability (LTD) medical leave

The following list of reasons for the cancellation of the automated payroll deductions for parking ARE NOT eligible:

  • Annual vacation or banked time off
  • Leave of absence (short-term)
  • Utilizing alternative modes of transportation depending on the season (bike, motorcycle, bus)

Process to terminate parking payroll deductions

Those terminating automated payroll deductions for parking, due to a planned maternity leave in excess of four months, planned educational or sabbatical leave in excess of four months, or approved long-term disability (LTD) medical leave can follow the below procedure:

To opt out of payroll deductions:

  1. Submit your hanging parking permit to Ancillary Services (H158) (the physical pass must be handed in)
  2. Send a cancellation email to, which includes your permit number, license plate, and employee name/ID, along with a written confirmation saying they would like to cancel payroll deductions. 

When the employee returns back to work, they will need to sign up for parking payroll deductions again, through myUFV, as outlined above.

Employees leaving on an approved short-term disability (STD) medical leave are required to keep their parking passes. Payroll deductions will automatically be suspended upon the start of the leave and will automatically be reinstated when the STD medical leave ends.

Employees can contact Ancillary Services if they have related questions.

Department or employees purchasing paid parking for guest coming to campus

If a department wishes to pay for parking for a guest (or for an event) they can do so by sending a budget code and their parking request details to (temporary day permits or arrangements will be provided to the employee who is requesting parking). Please allow a couple business days for processing.

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