Student association

Who are we?

The UFV Student Association of Philosophy for Counsellors (SAPC) is a division of the UFV Association for Students of Philosophy (ASP). It consists of students interested in the study and applications of philosophy to therapy and counselling. The goal of the association is to educate students, staff, and faculty at UFV, and the greater community about the function of philosophy in therapy and counseling.

What is philosophy?

Philosophy helps us to examine our beliefs, values, and assumptions. Philosophy differentiates between the mind and the brain. The mind is our beliefs, values and assumptions, and our brain is the biological organ. Philosophy and psychotherapy have a lot in common in that philosophy is essentially the ‘talk therapy’ component of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

When do we meet?

SAPC meets on a weekly basis to discuss ideas and collaborate on reasoned philosophical approaches and solutions to various case studies from counselling and psychotherapy. Along with many ongoing research projects they also broadcast through the Cascade and via Facebook, in which discussions illustrate the use of philosophy in counselling. 

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